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Complete Sports Wants Change

Helping People Help Themselves

  • Complete Sports is a non-profit organization with the following principle: first the person, then the performance. Even though (or perhaps because) we operate in the field of professional sport.
  • The Athletic Training Center Kenya was established in order to create opportunities for people who would not have them otherwise. We do this with the focus on running and create opportunities that go beyond sport.
  • Complete Sports works holistically, based on biblical values.

What does holistic mean?
We believe that the basis for high performance and a meaningful life is the interaction of the body, mind, spirit, and stable relationships. We see it as our task to support the athletes in this. (see diagram)

Biblically-based values—what does that mean?
Our training is based on biblical values. The values are derived from the Bible; we want to live according to them and teach them. We are convinced that they are good for one another and help the individual to develop a stable identity.

Unconditional Love
  • I do not have to fulfill any requirement in order to be loved.
  • People are accepted the way they are.
  • A person's value is independent of their performance—especially in sports
  • Congruence between word and deed
  • Stand by your decisions
  • Develop reliability and trust
  • Take responsibility for yourself and others
  • For body, identity, performance,  purpose, relationships, engagement
  • God is a God of second chances
  • Loving and forgiving one another
  • Forgiveness as a foundation for healthy relationships
  • Strive for excellence
  • Willingness to deliver quality


Complete Sports
Athletic Training Centre Kenya

Kaptagat, Kenya

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