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In Kenya, the population is almost 41 million people and the average life expectancy is around 57 years. The current food situation in Kenya is a paradox. Although the country has the most developed economy of East Africa, nearly half the population lives below the poverty line. Nearly 20 percent of Kenyans live on less than .25 a day.

Republic of Kenya (East Africa)

Climate: tropical (coast), semi-arid and arid (north, northeast), sub-tropical (highlands, center)

Location: 34 to 42 degrees east longitude, 5 degrees to 5 degrees south latitude

Size: 580,367 sq. km

Capital: Nairobi (3.5 million inhabitants)

Population: 43 million (as of June 2012, compare 2007: 37.2 million); ethnic composition: Bantu (65%, including but not limited to Kikuyu (20%), Luhya (14%), Kamba (11%) etc., Nilotic (about 30%, including but not limited to Luo (13%), Kalenjin (12%), Massai (1.6%), among others), about 80,000 residents of Asian descent, 60,000 inhabitants of European descent

Languages: English, Kiswahili, and numerous languages of individual ethnic groups

Religions/Churches: 70 percent Christians (26.5% Anglican, 26.4% Catholic, 2.5% Orthodox), many evangelical Christians, as well as numerous Christian denominations such as Pentecostal (third largest Christian community); 20% Muslim, 10% indigenous beliefs; also Hindus, Jains, Sikhs


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