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About Complete Sports

Complete Sports is the different!

Complete Sports is the first Athletics Training Centre in Kenya that is registered as a society

We Support Holistically
We focus not only on athletic development, but on the holistic development: we want to strengthen the individual and despite a difficult environment, develop a perspective for the future.
For Complete Sports, creating opportunities goes beyond: those who do not make it to the professional level are supported in finding another profession.

The Way Forward
Every year, 16 talented runners pass through the one-year training at the Athletic Training Center in Kaptagat. There, everything is taken care of for them; they participate in competitions, and live and train together. This develops a network of coaches and former Complete Sports athletes.

Our Philosophy
At Complete Sports, the person comes first, not the performance. Using biblically-based values, athletes are encouraged to take responsibility for themselves and others and develop a strong identity.



Complete Sports
Athletic Training Centre Kenya

Kaptagat, Kenya

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Bernd Breitmaier
Urs Haenni
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