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Pfeil zur Positionierungsanzeige des MenĂ¼s
We have goals!
Big, small, near, far.

  • Mentor male and female runners and coaches, so that they succeed and positively influence more people in sport

  • Helping runners to become professional athletes or find another way of living

  • Assist coaches so that they can lead their training group holistically

  • Training and coaching for coaches

  • Collect and distribute sports equipment for needy athletes

  • Share life, as part of the Complete Sports family

  • Multiplying the Complete Sports DNA through Complete Sports alumni

  • Run a holistic training center including a 400m track in Kaptagat as a best practice model, training camp-site, and a place of learning for those interested

  • Creating a unique opportunity for foreign runners to do a training camp with Complete Sports and to touch their hearts

  • Assist in the establishment of additional holistic training centers in Kenya and worldwide

  • Consult and support the Kenyan Athletics Federation in the holistic development of coaches and athletes


Complete Sports
Athletic Training Centre Kenya

Kaptagat, Kenya

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Bernd Breitmaier
Urs Haenni
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