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Athletic Training Centre


12 month training and life school

More than 35 young runners are cared for professionally in the Athletic Training Centre Kenya. About 20 of them have the aim to become professional runners, the other 15 are connected to the projet "Complete Scholarship" and have the aim to get a scholarship from an university in the USA. We develop them not just athletically, but holistically: we want to strengthen the individual and, despite a difficult environment, develop a perspective for their future.
For us, creating opportunities goes beyond sport

COMMUNITY is very important at the Athletic Training Centre.

Eating together is a good place for exchange, meeting and taking a deep breath for the athletes and staff.

Together on the grounds of the AIC

The extensive property of the African Inland Church gives us a lot of space to relax and for stretching after workouts. In a small garden, we can grow something; local farmers provide mais, milk and vegies.


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Athletic Training Centre Kenya

Kaptagat, Kenya

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